Friday, April 15, 2011

Jack FIRST Birthday Party!

On April 9th John Preston " Jack" had his first Birthday party! We had the event at the Austin Childrens Museum on a Saturday afternoon! Jack was surrounded by his family and many friends, and had blast!

The beautiful Elmo decorations done by Jacks Aunt and Nana!

Jacks homemade cake with his very own edible Elmo on the top!

Having a blast with his buddy's at the party! ( love the tongue)!

Showing off his first birthday Jack T-Shirt!


Mommy and Jack!

Every singing " Happy Birthday" to Jack! :)

Blowing out the candle

he wasn't quite sure what to do with this big cake, so mommy and daddy helped!

.......Then he went to town!

Happy Birthday to our precious boy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We have a ONE year old!

Jack came into the world on April 5, 2o10 at 7:54p.m. He weighed 9 lbs, 13oz. and was 21 and a half inches long.

On April 5, 2010 I was officially 3 days past my due date (April 2) and felt as big as a house. I had worked up until the week of my due date at which point I felt I could do no more than lay on my side in the bed with the AC on high along with the fan. It was no longer comfortable to be in the car, or run any type of errand. I could only stand up for about 15 min at a time, and walking any kind of distance was pretty much non existent at this point.

At 3:30 in the morning my water broke. It was not the big gush most people describe happening. It was more of a, I either just peed my pants, or my water broke. I woke-up Rob and told him I was pretty sure my water had broken, to which he sat straight up and said, really?!!!! he was excited, it was finally TIME! We then called the 24 hour nurse line, and shortly received a call back from the on-call doctor. After speaking with him, he said to go ahead and head to the hospital and he would let them know we were on our way!

I had not felt any contractions at this point, and knew labor would probably last a very long time so I decided I would take a shower, dry my hair and try to look somewhat presentable. Rob on the other hand had not even packed his hospital bag, and so he got busy doing that. He also called my parents to tell them as he put it. " It's GO time"!

We arrived at the hospital and got hooked up to tall the monitors. They immediately started me on petosin to get things jump started, still no hard contractions. A few hours latter we were told that my regular doc was out of town ( NOOOOO!) and that the on-call doc would be in shortly. I was not happy to hear this. I loved my Dr. Seeker, he was amazing and helped us every step of the way through our pregnancy...I Needed him!

We met the on-call doctor, I still was not experiencing any real major contractions, and I had only dilated to 3cm...not good. This party was going no where fast! I decided to go ahead and get the epidural as the nurse put the petosin up as high as it would go. 16 hours has now gone by, and still no progress. After no food, no sleep, and being extremely uncomfortable after moving from side to side, and having a catheter put in..... this mom was ready to get this show on the road NOW!

The doctor came in and I said, c-section please! He wanted to see if I had improved in dilation, and after checking said that I was only at 4cm and that a c-section was defiantly reasonable now.

Rob got his scrubs on, and my sister grabbed the camera to take one last pick of our family of two, soon to be three! Off to the O.R. we went!

When we arrived at the O.R. the doctor said they would have to move me from the bed I was currently on, to the operating bed, to which I replied " No problem I can do that myself"....WHAT he said? Yes, you see after receiving the epidural I was not supposed to be able to feel anything from the waist down....and I was! This was a problem, a big one! The C-section could not be performed now unless I was put all the way under.....NOT COOL! My epidural either never really took, or it wore off. I began hearing the anesthesiologist telling my doctor that he would go as far up on my pain meds as he could, while at the sometime my doctor began asking me " can you feel this"? while touching my belly. Unfortunately, I could, every time. I knew what was going to happen, they were going to have to put me under and I began to panic!

Then my mind went back to my days in graduate school counseling class when we learned about Imagery used in therapy. I knew that if I kept thinking about how scared I was to be put under, and how I would now not be able to hear Jacks first cry, or take in this once in a lifetime moment with Rob, that I would go into full blown panic attack.....not being able to breath, and my heart rate rising which I knew would not be good at all for Jack or myself. So, I started to think about the beach, and all the calming peaceful sounds you hear there....the next thing I knew I was being woken up by the nurse asking if I wanted to hold my little boy!

Jack entered the world weighing 9lbs, 13oz, and he was 21 1/2 inches long! No wonder I was SO incredibly uncomfortable the last few months of my pregnancy!

Since we ended up having a C-section we decided it would be best to stay at least 5 days instead of the normal 2 in the hospital. I could barley walk, sit-up or even shower and Jack ( and mommy) were having a hard time getting the hang of breast-feeding. After Jack dropped a few pounds ( thanks goodness he had some to spare!) we decided to start him on formula, and I would start pumping to get my milk supply to come in!

After the 5th day we headed home with our healthy little guy, and started this new crazy/ AMAZING life as a family of 3!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm walking..... Well, sort of!

On March 24th, Jack decided it was time to start the process of learning to walk!
I had a doctors apt that afternoon, and Rob was of course at work so I asked my mom and sister to come over and watch Jack. I had been gone for a little over an hour when I got home to find my little boy using his walker to walk around the house.....Oh My God! At first I was sad because I had missed it, but then I just got excited that Jack decided to start walking! YAY! Luckily, my mom and sis got it all on video for me to see! Ever since this day, we have been practicing our walking skills daily, and hourly! So proud of my little man!