Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spoiled, and more!

We have been spoiled again!
I have very generous parents! I have been eying a baby food maker from Williams-Sonoma, called Beaba Babycook. I was planing to wait until Jack started eating baby food to buy it, but in true form, as soon as I mentioned this to my parents they surprised me with it! My parents used a baby food grinder with my sister and I, and I have planed to do the same with Jack. So, this item is perfect because it's a steamer, blender, warmer, food processor and defroster all in one appliance. Which means that whatever Rob and I are eating, I can blend up for Jack!

Now, I have to talk about how much I love our neighborhood! We live in one of those awesome neighborhoods where the street comes alive at night! On any given night you can walk out our front door after dinner time and see small children playing in the streets, their parents out talking to neighbors, and animals chasing each other around. Rob and I know their names, and they know ours. I am defiantly looking forward to Jack growing up here!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alert the Tooth Fairy!

That's right, we have our first two bottom teeth coming in!
For the past week we have noticed jack sucking on his fingers a lot, drooling, waking up every two hours (this only lasted about 3 days thank god!) and generally just not acting like himself. So, being the little researcher I am, I jumped on Google to see what the symptoms could be. Yes, I know, the only thing that can come from this is finding out that your child has some crazy disease. I found out he is probably teething. But, could this be? He is only 3 months old. So again, being the researcher that I am, I had to get the doctor to confirm this. We went in a few days ago to find out we were right, Jack has ridges which typically lead to teeth!

While at the doctor were also advised that due to Jacks size 14.5 pounds, we should put him, on Enfamil A.R. This formula includes a thickened rice starch which will allow him to remain full longer!! Rob and I are hoping this will also help him sleep longer!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

New blogger!

Now that I am a stay at home mom YEAH! I have decided it is time to get on the blogging band-wagon! Since, Rob and I have many friends who live in other States, and cities, I thought this would be the perfect way to keep everyone updated on the happenings of our life! I hope to update this often. But as many of you know, being a new mom, you never know what time you may or may not have! So welcome to our blog, we hope you enjoy staying up to date on the life of a daddy named Rob, a mommy named Christy- and our little new addition, Jack!

Jack is now---Three months!
Can you believe it! The first three months have gone by so fast; each day is still very different. Just as I feel we are getting into a routine, the days change and throw me for a loop. As the very scheduled person I am, this has been a little hard, but I am learning to roll with what this sweet little man gives us and allow him to teach me what the day will be!

Here are some highlights:

  • At three months he is sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches (again this can, and often does change from day to day)
  • loves bath time
  • Bartlett's is his favorite restaurant (he always falls asleep there!)
  • loves to play/ look at stuff animals and any toy that plays music
  • will follow mom and dad around the room with his eyes
  • laughs and giggles
  • sucking on his fingers
  • smiles
  • getting better head control everyday!
  • getting better at being in his car seat and running errands!

A little update on Christy and Rob--

Once I reached eight weeks postpartum I decided it was time to get this body back into shape! Most of my pregnancy I felt really sick, and extremely tired. Therefore I pretty much stopped exercising and so I have not done much in about a year. Well, I have employed the expertise of a trainer to help me get back into shape in a healthy way. Let’s just say, my first session was not good. I am so freaking out of shape it was seriously depressing!

I can now report 3 weeks into it---I can now run for at least 30 min! Sad for someone who used to run 3-4 miles a day, good for someone who gave birth to a 9 pound, 13 ounce baby!!! GO ME! Rob is doing more than I think most dads do. He makes us dinner every night, lets me sleep in when I need some extra rest, and runs the errands when I need to stay home with Jack. We are defiantly enjoying our sweet little boy and, our new adventure as mom and dad!