Saturday, March 19, 2011

First hair cut!

On March 18th Jack got his first hair cut. I use the word first loosely because Jack has had a few very small trims here at home. This was his first true, all out, professional hair cut! I had been searching for a place for awhile as I found out that the guy I go to does not feel comfortable cutting kids hair. As he put it, "they tend to move around a lot", and he was very worried that with his very sharp scissors he might cut Jack.
I had heard great reviews on a place called the Hairs Lair. It is located in the 26 Doors shopping center across from Seton Hospital, for those of you Austin people. It's this tiny, cute, little "hole-in-the-wall" place, that has one lady that just cuts kids hair. They have tiny chairs just for the kids, and toys everywhere! I was very nervous on our drive over, but once we got there and saw how laid back the place was, and I quickly become relaxed, which I'm sure allowed Jack to relax and play with all the toys they had. The lady was AMAZING to say the least. The whole time she was cutting jacks hair she handed him different toys to keep his attention. If she needed him to look down , she would give him a toy that caused him to do so, ect. He did fantastic, and the whole experience was great!

Getting relaxed in the chair

Checking out his stylist!

Sitting so still! Such a big boy!!

My whole family came to see me get my first hair cut!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New pics!

Sitting forward in my car seat!

My buddy Gracie!

Chillin in my play room!

I can crawl up the stairs now!

Keep Austin Weird! The city I was born in!!

The park!

It looks tasty, maybe I'll take a bite and see!

This past Tuesday evening were outside as usual chatting with some of our neighbors, when I looked up and noticed Jack had a giant handful of dirt/ potting soil in his hand. Then I noticed his mouth making the chewing motion, and realized he was not just playing with the dirt, but yes, also eating it!
I'm sure I freaked him out a little as I ran full speed over to him and said no, while pulling dirt from his hand. I then looked in his mouth, which looked as if he had just eaten an Oreo cookie...yuck! I managed to get most of it out using my shirt, and then realized, oh well, what are you going to do? It's just dirt, right?!
I am sure it will not be the last time this incident takes place again!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poor little tummy!

As we have started adding more solid food into Jacks meal time we have also run into a small problem.....Constipation! UGH!
A small note of warning, this blog may be a little TMI (to much info) for some. But it's our blog so it's going in here!
As a person who once had problems with this as well at one point, I felt horrible for the guy! For the past week or so in the morning after his bottle Jack would pass gas, and make horrible faces as though he were pushing a large stool out. But when I would go to change his diaper, there would either be no poop or hard log type poop....not good. Babies may not poop everyday, but when they do it should look something like mud. Jack's did not :(

So after doing a little research, it seems that constipation is actually pretty common in toddlers who are moving into more food groups, and having solid food more often. At times the digestive system has a hard time catching up to the new food, causing constipation. I also found out that this is very common in older kids (2-4) whom are in the potty training process. In this situation it is due to being told to " hold" their poop, pee ect. Something to remember for when we are at that stage!

So after a few days of this, and changing Jacks diet to more prunes, pears, spinach, ect. and still no luck, off to the doctor we went. The Doc said this is pretty common, and that we should put jack on a 1/2 teaspoon of Mirilax for a week. If his poops do not go back to normal within a week that we would need to take him back in for a more invasive thanks!! Thank goodness after two days of being on the meds, we had a good poop!!!!!!

A little something to remember for the future!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tolet bowl, tolet paper, dog bowl......

Toilet bowl, Toilet paper, Dog bowl......
what do these three things have in common? Jack loves to play with them! It has slowly gotten to be pattern for Jack to wonder, or follow one of his furry friends over to their eating area. This is where Jack found his first of three new " toys". After a few of these sessions, he decided it would be fun to not only put his hand in the cat/dog food but to also poor it all on the floor! Then he moved onto the water bowl, which was turned into a swimming pool! When does the pool open again??!!
These days the animals are now getting water and food breaks when Jack is napping, eating, or outside playing! :)

Now onto the last two....

The toilet bowl. This post may provide to much information for some, so beware!During the week when I am home by myself with Jack, I typically leave the bathroom door open while using the facilities, shall we say. This allows me to watch Jack, and make sure he is not getting into something that might be a danger to his health ect. After a few months of doing this, I suppose his curiosity got the best of him and he decided to check out this thing that mommy sits on, and this white stuff she uses to, well you know what, and I will leave it at that. So, by the time I am done using the facilities, Jack is usually sitting next to me on the floor unrolling the toilet paper, and at some point during the day he will make his way back into the bathroom to play with the water in the toilet bowl! GROSS RIGHT?!!! So now we keep the bathroom door shut, when not in use!

A new view!

We have decided it is time to turn Jacks car- seat around! Many people, including our pediatrician say that you should wait until a child is a year old before you turn them face forward in their car-seat. Some people say that as long as your child is 20lbs they can face forward. The main concern is when in a crash is, is your child's neck muscles strong enough to keep them from having spinal damage due to the whiplash a baby/ adult might receive in the event we were to be involved in a crash?

As Jack parents we have decided that at 25lbs ( give or take) and 33 inches ( give or take) our cruising, crawling everywhere child, who is one month shy of his one year birthday is most likely good to go to sit facing forward! I would say that Jack agrees! We no longer get crying, or back arching while trying to put him in his car-seat. This did not happen often, we have a really sweet, easy going little boy. When it did, it made my blood pressure go up, and I felt like a horrible mommy! I also love the fact that I can see his face, and know exactly what his is doing with out relying on a mirror!
We are enjoying our new view!