Friday, August 5, 2011

16 Months & More milestones!

Our sweet little Jack man is now 16 months! He is no longer eating any pureed food, and he let us know very clearly that he was "donezo" with it! One day during lunch he decided to throw his food from the dish it was in onto the table and didn't want to eat any of his pureed food. So I decided to heat up some other solid food, and he went to town on it! Just like everything else he has done, until he can do it 100% (crawling, walking, ect) he won't really do it at all. I am so excited that we have moved past pureed food, as it makes eating out and traveling SO much easier!

The second milestone- Jack is getting so much better at wanting to drink out of his cup, instead of his bottle. He will drink out of his cup in the house, at meal times, and in the car! Just not outside while playing, on a consistent basis yet. He still gets a bottle when he wants one, as I believe that when he is ready to be done, he will do it one his own (you never see grown men walking around with a bottle!).

Some recent pics!

One of our neighbors recently had a birthday party for her 3 year old son. They had an amazing photographer their who got some pretty awesome shots of Jack! We have already booked a family session with him, and I am so excited to see what we get!