Sunday, February 20, 2011


Our little helper!

Jack on his new big boy bed!

Playing with daddy before bed time!

little Mr. Independent!

Jack is now very much into exploring, and REALLY wants to figure things out all by himself! At times I will see him struggle a little to reach a book, or move form one piece of furniture to the next while cruising. If I go into help he is sure to let me know, he does NOT need it! I am glad that he is growing up to be a independent little man, but I am also at times fearful he will get injured while on his quest. So of course I stay very close, just in case!

ALL boy!!

I'm sure by the title of this blog you are probably thinking, um ya, no kidding! What I mean is, Jack is defiantly about doing " all boy" type things, all the time! He has moved into a phase of wanting to be outside all the time! If he is not napping, eating, or chasing Gracie our sweet dog around the house he wants to be outside! We go for wagon rides, which turn into crawling in the yard, or just sitting in the yard, playing with the grass, leaves ect. He is big on wheels, not necessarily cars or trucks, just wheels! If we go into the garage with the idea of getting in the car, and I don't put him in his wagon, or the BOB ( our jogging stroller) I will hear about it! I always thought of myself as an out doors person, but this little guy really is!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a BIG boy! 10 months!

Lately I feel like I just turned around, and Jack has turned into a toddler! He says mama, or mommy. He crawls everywhere and gets very excited if he thinks you are chasing him! He is also "cruising" and will sit and look at books all by himself. He will hold a graham cracker in his hand to eat it and eats anything, and everything at least 4 times a day! Oh, and how he loves bath time! And so much more! In a way it makes me sad that he is growing up so fast, but I am also really enjoying watching him learn, and explore!

Lately our favorite things to do are, Gymboree, The Children's museum, Story time at the Library, play group, going for rides in his wagon, and riding in the BOB on our runs!

In one more month we will celebrate his Birth-Day! Has it really been a year already?!

A few recent pictures.....

Such a big boy!

Rockin' his b-ball shorts!

Crawling everywhere!

Bath time!

Playing in the bathroom is FUN!

Helping mommy pick out her clothes!

My Laundry helper!

Hmm...what should I eat today? :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

2011, Austin Snow!

Austin saw snow again this winter! The temps have gotten down into the teens every night for a week, and have been in the 30's during the day! This brought out the snow, and the coldest temps the city has seen since 1990! Hopefully next year, when Jack is walking will have snow again so we can get out and play in it! Now let's hope for some warmer temps because we are outside people!!