Friday, July 30, 2010

Four Months!

About a month after I gave birth to Jack, I got an infection in my breast call mastitis. For any moms out there who have not had this---you are SO lucky! It is caused by cracked nipples which allow bacteria into your breast tissues that then cause the milk ducts in your breast to get infected and backed up . Oh the joys of breast feeding/pumping! Well, it basically feels like someone ran over your breast with an 18-wheeler. It hurts like hell and your breast gets very swollen. During this time you also have to continue feeding/pumping which also hurts like hell! Have I mentioned how much I hate both of these things!

WELL, I got it again. A few days ago I noticed there was a whole in the tube of my pump. Worried that I would not get all my milk out because of this I decided to pump extra--and then once my new tubing came in I would just go back to my normal schedule---NOT smart!! Luckily, I knew what it was this time and got on antibiotics really fast- but it still was very uncomfortable. I am very much looking forward to the day that my body is solely mine again- and not a food factory!

Sleeping through the night!!! Haaa :)
That's right, our little boy is sleeping all the way through the night now!! GO Jack! We have a wonderful night time routine, of bath around 6:30, play until 7:30, evening walk in our new BOB!! And then bottle, change and, bed by 9- 9:30 . Jack also does a great job of putting himself to sleep! We give our goodnight kisses and turn on his mobile and in about 15 minutes and he is out like a light!! I am so proud of his bed-time success! Now if I could just drop the pumping- and get to sleep through the night as well!

The BOB!
A few weeks ago we decided it was time to take the plunge and buy a BOB stroller. They are not cheap, but I knew it would be a great investment that we can use for many years to come! We have taken it on many walks and already love it! We still have our Graco stroller which will still use for the mall and inside areas.

Friday, July 9, 2010


There has been a lot going on!

Jack has grown up so much just in the past few weeks!

* He is sleeping 6 hours straight, eating, then sleeping another 3 or so! Thank you god!!

* He likes reading books, and we typically read 2-3 a day!

* He now falls asleep in his bath--play time during the day is so exhausting! :)

* He skypes with daddy at work daily!

* He loves baby Einstein videos!!!!

* Can hold his head up perfectly. Now we just need his back to follow and will be in great shape!

* Can roll from his back to his tummy

* is "talking" all the time!

* He HATES changing clothes, he would rather just stay in his dirty ones---such a boy! to bad mommy disagrees with this :)

* LOVES going for walks in his stroller! I think this is because he is now big enough to sit like a big boy and not in his car-seat.

Attached is the video of his roll over! So proud of our sweet boy! He is growing up so much right before our eyes!

Five great years!
On July 3rd, Rob and I celebrated 5 years of marriage! We usually celebrate by going out to the Lakeway Resort for the weekend ( where we were married ). But now that we have our little guy, it just didn't workout this year. Instead we celebrated as a family and went to our favorite restaurant Bartlett's. My family is friends with the owner who ended up buying our dinner that night--Thanks Tim! It was delicious food, and wonderful service as usual! And Jack slept the WHOLE time!! Onto another 5 years!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lifesaver! & updates!

For the past three days Rob has been out of town in California for business. As a first-time mom to a three month old who still wakes at night, and is teething, I was not to thrilled to receive this news. But in true form Rob said, if we can't get some help for you while I am gone then I won't take the trip. MOM to the rescue! My mom came over to help out the entire time Rob was gone, she was to say the least AMAZING!! There is nothing like having my own mom here to help with my first child, and to ease my mind when my teething son is crying and Tylenol and cold stuff just is not helping! I was able to hand him off to her to take naps, knowing that he was in wonderful hands!
We took turns walking with him, feeding him, changing him, ect. it was wonderful! I think this is the first time since bringing Jack home from the hospital that I actually feel rested. Thank you Mom!!

On another note here are some highlights on what are little man has been up to!

He is breaking his first two bottom teeth. This means my normally very happy, smiley baby is crying and in pain. Which means lots of Tylenol, warm baths, and walking to relaxing him.
  • He is able to sit up, and hold his head up for a few seconds if i sit him on the floor and hold onto his arms to steady him!
  • He has out grown his baby bath in length, and we are onto a bigger one!
  • His 3-6 month clothes are starting to not fit. Remember he is just now 3 months old!
  • For the first time this week he slept seven straight hours. I will update latter on if this was a one time thing, or not.
  • He can eat up to 7 ounces in one feeding!

Our little Jack is such a good baby. I love walking into get him in the morning with his sweet smile looking up at me. We have party's with his "friends" (stuffed animals) daily! And after bath time we play a game where I make funny noises to him , and he makes them back and giggles.
This little boy just makes life so much sweeter!