Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

This year we had a hard time deciding on a costume. Sponge-bob was the first pick, that we bought and put on. It was cute, but not really cute. So, one day when Jack and I were at Target we decided to look around the costume area and ended up finding a Bumble-bee! Jack was so excited that he wanted to try it on right their in the store! It was precious, and looked great one him! Sold!

We started the evening by just hanging out with the neighbors and taking pictures of all the cute little kiddos in their costumes.

Soon, Jack was off to the races ready to knock on some doors!

He did great, but we are still working on the idea of taking the candy and then leaving - Not running through every persons home! Thank goodness we know most of our neighbors and they didn't really care!

Jack 2010 -

Jack and mommy 2011-

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

18 months!

So much has happen over the last two months, where to start?

Picture time!
We recently had family pictures taken, finally! We met two young college students at our neighbors sons birthday party who have started a photography business. After viewing the pictures they took of Jack at the party I knew we could get some really great photos of our family with them! We never had professional newborn pictures taken of Jack, due to me having a C-Section, and taking so long to recover. It was finally time to get some good professional family pictures taken! And I love the way they turned out!


We also took our first vacation since Jack arrived to Charlotte, NC. Katy is the COO of the DNC, and will be living their for the next year and half so we thought we would make a trip of it! Considering it was our first flight with Jack, and Jacks first flight period I feel we all did as well as could be expected. We were armed with DVD's, books, and snacks! Jack ended up sleeping the first part of the flight there, and then watching Sesame Street, and reading the rest. About the last 20 min of the flight he head had enough and was ready to be done, as we all were!
Charlotte was awesome! The weather was cool with the highs in the low 70's and, the city has many attractions for kids . Discovery is like the Austin Children's Muesue but 10 times better!They had lots of hands on activities and a whole room just for his age group!

Then we headed to the Fish splash pad and had lunch outside one afternoon. Actually we had lunch outside many afternoons because the weather was just hat nice!

The next day we ventured to a placed called ImaginON. It is a huge Children's Library, with tons of hands on activities as well.

That evening we went down town for dinner and Jack got to go on his first carriage ride. It was a little cold and windy but after warming up with a blanket we all had a nice ride through the city!

And lastly here is a pic of the adorable condo we stayed in!

We had a great trip, and Rob has been trying to talk me into moving there ever since we returned! I have to stay, it would not be a bad place to live!

18 Month Well-Check!

Weight - 26.5 ( 50-75 %)
Height - 36 ( off the charts)

Jack passed his well-check with flying colors!

Mother's Day Out aka MDO

Rob and I have been discussing for awhile when would be the right time for Jack to start an MDO program. The main problem is myself, and my lack of trusting non-family members with Jack. It is in fact one of the main reasons I decided to stay home with him. We have recently both seen a desire in Jack to have more peer interaction, as it seems that anytime he is around other kids (mainly older kids) he will interject himself into whatever they might be playing. I love that we have an outgoing social son, but mommy is not, and probably will never be ready to hand him over to someone else. However, to me, being a good parent means doing whats is best for Jack even if it forces me out of my comfort zone. So with a heavy heart we are going to start the process of touring some programs, and find a place that we hope will fit our needs.

Friday, August 5, 2011

16 Months & More milestones!

Our sweet little Jack man is now 16 months! He is no longer eating any pureed food, and he let us know very clearly that he was "donezo" with it! One day during lunch he decided to throw his food from the dish it was in onto the table and didn't want to eat any of his pureed food. So I decided to heat up some other solid food, and he went to town on it! Just like everything else he has done, until he can do it 100% (crawling, walking, ect) he won't really do it at all. I am so excited that we have moved past pureed food, as it makes eating out and traveling SO much easier!

The second milestone- Jack is getting so much better at wanting to drink out of his cup, instead of his bottle. He will drink out of his cup in the house, at meal times, and in the car! Just not outside while playing, on a consistent basis yet. He still gets a bottle when he wants one, as I believe that when he is ready to be done, he will do it one his own (you never see grown men walking around with a bottle!).

Some recent pics!

One of our neighbors recently had a birthday party for her 3 year old son. They had an amazing photographer their who got some pretty awesome shots of Jack! We have already booked a family session with him, and I am so excited to see what we get!

Friday, July 15, 2011


OMG!!! Do you think it could get any hotter outside? Lately I have defiantly had to pull some creative ideas out for new morning and afternoon actives. Jack used to play outside in the morning, but lately it has been so darn hot, that it has been impossible. So, what have we been up to? The pool, the Splash pad, indoor play-dates, of course Gymboree, and anything else we can think of indoors! This has been a summer for the record books, hitting triple digits for weeks in a row!
Some recent pics!


Aunt Katy came to play with us at Gymboree!

Crashed out with daddy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lets get this party started!!!! Please!

We are reaching another major milestone! (June 22, 2011) Jack took about 10 steps on his own tonight!! I am beyond excited! We were outside playing and Jack decided he wanted to move from one push toy to the next. Instead of crawling, he decided to walk. Once we noticed he was walking we began to push the toy he was going after farther and farther, and Jack just keep on walking!! YAY! There is no turning back now, we officially have a walker on our hands!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

recent pictures - 14 Months!

Sponge-Bob is the best!

Jack and his puppy!

Having lunch at Central Market!


On July 3rd, Rob and I celebrated 6 years of marriage! Where has the time gone?! In the past 6 years we have moved from Lubbock to Austin (thank god!) and had a beautiful baby boy!

To celebrate we decided to take a trip out to the place where we said our "I do's"! The Lakeway Resort here in Austin. We have been going out there every few years since getting married, and could not wait to share it with Jack! You will noticed in this post there are no pictures. This is because after our first night we decided to turn the car around and come home :( . We were so disappointed to say the least, that the resort was not how we had remembered it. It had turned into more of a college spring break party scene, and that was not at all what we had in mind. So after our first night we decided that as long as we were all three together we would just have a "stay-cation" and head home!
Happy 6th Anniversary, and many, many more to come!!

Fathers day

Fathers Day 2011---

I think this picture pretty much sums up how I feel about my two boys, and by the look on Jack's face you can tell he thinks his Dad is THE best!

Today we celebrated what it means to be a Dad, and more importantly how much we love Jack's Dad! I am so thankful that I found a partner that sees the world much like I do. In my opinion, the best way to teach a child, is by example and I could not ask for a better father and husband to do this, and for that I am thankful! Happy Fathers day to our Daddy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

13 months & many milestones!

Jack turned 13 months, on May 5th! Yes, I realize that the month of May is basically over but things have been busy!

To start, at Jacks one year well-check we were advised that he no longer needed to be on formula, and that he should also no longer be drinking out of a bottle. After this visit within about 3 weeks I had Jack completely off formula, and he now gets about 16 oz of whole milk each day. His other main beverage is water, and he loves both now! The bottle on the other hand has been a much slower process. Jack has been on a bottle since his second day of life, and so I figure (unlike breastfed baby's where once the breast milk is gone, there is no more need to suck) the bottle is a little different. Jack will get there, I am not worried. The last milestone we have been working on is walking! Jack can walk, and run while holding my hands, but let go of them, and I get yelled at!! He has taken a few steps on his own, a few times, but we have a ways to go still. Again, he will walk when he is ready, and feels confident!

Now onto some other crazy happens of lately. Just about every morning after my run, Jack and I play outside for about 45 minutes. This allows him to get some exercise in and, play outside before the temps heat up to a very uncomfortable level. On one morning while we were outside, Jack was playing just outside the garage, pushing his truck around. After a little while he started moving in to the garage and crawling around. Not knowing what all might be on the garage floor, gas from the car, bug killer ect. I decided to move him out to the grass and close the garage door. Two seconds after doing so I relazed, CRAP! Everything ( garage door opener, cell phone ect) is now in the garage, and jack and I are now locked out of the house!!! OMG!! At this point I realize that Jacks bottle of cold water is outside ( good!!!) and so is my cold drink ( also good!!). Now I just have to figure out how to get us back in the house. I pick up Jack and start walk around the house trying to find a window that is unlocked. I find one and start trying to pry the screen off. At this point Jack is getting up-set because he has no idea what is going on. After trying to get the screen off for a few minutes with no luck, I decide to go to a few neighbors houses to see of I can use their phone to call Rob to come save us! We have three other stay-at-home moms on our street, I thought surely one of them will be home. Well, no such luck. Now the temps are starting to heat-up, Jack has a full diaper and I am starting to panic a little. I decide that one way or another the dam screen is coming off the window. I give Jack some water and calm him down (and myself) and start working on the screen again. FINALLY the freaking thing pops off, and am able to push open the window and crawl in....UGH! At the end I was very proud of myself, and relieved!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jack FIRST Birthday Party!

On April 9th John Preston " Jack" had his first Birthday party! We had the event at the Austin Childrens Museum on a Saturday afternoon! Jack was surrounded by his family and many friends, and had blast!

The beautiful Elmo decorations done by Jacks Aunt and Nana!

Jacks homemade cake with his very own edible Elmo on the top!

Having a blast with his buddy's at the party! ( love the tongue)!

Showing off his first birthday Jack T-Shirt!


Mommy and Jack!

Every singing " Happy Birthday" to Jack! :)

Blowing out the candle

he wasn't quite sure what to do with this big cake, so mommy and daddy helped!

.......Then he went to town!

Happy Birthday to our precious boy!