Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

This year we had a hard time deciding on a costume. Sponge-bob was the first pick, that we bought and put on. It was cute, but not really cute. So, one day when Jack and I were at Target we decided to look around the costume area and ended up finding a Bumble-bee! Jack was so excited that he wanted to try it on right their in the store! It was precious, and looked great one him! Sold!

We started the evening by just hanging out with the neighbors and taking pictures of all the cute little kiddos in their costumes.

Soon, Jack was off to the races ready to knock on some doors!

He did great, but we are still working on the idea of taking the candy and then leaving - Not running through every persons home! Thank goodness we know most of our neighbors and they didn't really care!

Jack 2010 -

Jack and mommy 2011-

Happy Halloween!

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